Highly result driven interactive websites, virtual meetings and events.

We believe in the power of real conversations, where you can see and 'read' each other. Open a live video window with all of your online audience. Add our interactive (3D) presentation solutions with the highest possible level of detail and you are set to reach new heights in your online strategy.

Get in touch for real

  • Real time visitor overview
  • Start a live video call with any visitor
  • Show your visitor around interactively
  • Face-2-Face video call even without webcam!

  • Interactive to the max

  • Meeting and event/website mode
  • Full 360/3D interactive content
  • Interactive PDF/PPT/Video
  • Guided virtual tours
  • Sustainable for everyone

  • Minimize your CO2 footprint
  • Safe precious travel time
  • Worldwide reach
  • Corona/Covid-19 proof

  • Transform you online presence to levels way beyond the current standard

    Initiate worldwide meetings and events, that work perfectly in any browser. We will put you face-2-face in contact with your online audience, even if they don't have a webcam. You will be in control to guide them through your content. Let us create a custom made virtual 3D show room for your company.

    Direct face-2-face video call with all your online visitors

    Welcome each online visitor in person, assess their needs and have a great interactive meeting or connect to another specialist.
    Track back how many people you have reached, their origins, duration of participation, fields of interest and other insights.

    Realtime and historical usage analytics and statistics

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